Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spring CHIRP from Candlewick

Candlewick Press’ CHIRP (Candlewick’s Handselling Indie Recognition Program) for Spring 2015 includes 3 titles that are shipping early and have an ordering deadline – if you want to receive them on time – of 1/23/15.

This season’s program is 20+ Spring ’15 CHIRP titles, including two Buyers’ Picks** titles, for 50% discount and 90 days delayed billing.
**buyers’ picks include frontlist hardcovers, paperback originals and board book originals – reissues (paperback reprints and board book reprints) are not eligible

Three titles are shipping early, but as long as the promo code of EKD is used on the order – due by 1/23/15 – Random House will recognize and pick up the CHIRP discount, as long as the rest of the order follows. The titles in the Spring CHIRP titles are seen below, with the three early ship titles noted (along with their print runs). If you choose to be a Spring 2015 CHIRP customer, please place your order for the three titles with us here in the Brunswick office. You can place the remainder of your CHIRP order with your C&H sales rep when the entire frontlist is presented to you.