Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visit us at the NAIBA conference

re you coming to the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association conference?

Here is a list of authors and illustrators that will be signing at our booth on October 1, 2013:
3:00pm Trinka Hakes Noble, Legend of the Jersey Devil (Sleeping Bear)
3:30pm Linda Raedisch, Old Magic of Christmas (Llewellyn)
4:00pm Violet Lemay, Isabell’s Shoe Studio, Doodle America, Yummy Food Doodles (illustrator (IPG)
4:30pm Puck, One to Ten NYC (IPG)

Our booth numbers are: 4–6, 15–16. See you there!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good news for fall orders from Candlewick

We’re very happy to announce that Random House will be repeating their 2-day shipping offer. From November 1, 2013 through February 1, 2014, orders from indie bookstores rec’d by 3 PM EST will ship no later than the following business day, with transit time of no more than 2 days (from RH dock to bookstores’ door).

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lonely Planet's Beautiful World

Lonely Planet's Beautiful World
9781743217177, $39.95 hardcover
Our friends at Lonely Planet are publishing LONELY PLANET’S BEAUTIFUL WORLD in October. The images in this gorgeous book will take you to places far and wide, the kinds of places that you might never visit but that you can perhaps put on that “If ” list we all have tucked away. This large format, gorgeous book highlights the beauty of some of the most amazing places on the planet.

Click here to download a pdf with details.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Music, Art & Pop Culture from Quayside for Fall

God Save The Kinks: A Biography
Rob Jovanovic
$29.95, 9781845136710
October 15, 2013
In August 1964 The Kinks released their third single. After a little noticed debut and a follow-up that had failed to chart at all, Pye Records were threatening to annul the group's contract. But with its unforgettable distorted guitar riff, 'You Really Got Me' went on to reach No.1, entering the US Top Ten later the same year. Followed by a string of hits, it marked the breakthrough of one of Britain's most innovative and influential bands, and a turning point in the fortunes of two brothers whose troubled story is as tumultuous and characterful as the music they produced: Ray and Dave Davies.

Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore
Lance Parkin
November 7, 2013
For three decades comics fans and creators have looked to Alan Moore to map out the state of the art of the medium. In works such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell he has redefined the possibilities of the genre, attracting literary plaudits and a mainstream audience far removed from his cult origins. His standing in popular culture is so high that some of the biggest names in Hollywood vie to adapt his books for cinema. Yet his career is a perfect illustration of grand imagination smashing headlong into corporate mediocrity. A principled eccentric, rooted in a very English counter-culture, to this very day he lives in the town of his birth - Northampton - professing greater interest in performance art, magic and erotica than he does a business he regards as exploitative and derivative. Moreover, his journey from the punky art labs of the 1970s to the bestseller lists has seen him embroiled in fierce feuds with some of the entertainment industry's biggest companies. Now, in anticipation of his 60th birthday, Moore aficionado Lance Parkin goes in search of this extraordinary gentleman, and reveals a writer quite unlike any other working today.

How Not to Be American: Misadventures in the Land of the Free
Todd McEwen
$14.95 US, 9781781312353
January 15, 2014
This new American uniform - the baseball cap, t-shirt, shorts and trainers (why not a scooter?) is not about looking good. It's about disappearing into a new, unofficial, global army of cultural babies. It says: I eat hamburgers and watch TV and chew gum all day, I want everyone to play my game, You have to be nice to me and if you're not I'm gonna shoot you, I can't understand a word you say… and what is that but American foreign policy?' Todd McEwen left the United States in 1980, but it's still driving him crazy. He worries about cheeseburgers, Cary Grant, Henry David Thoreau, democracy, the Elks Club and Daffy Duck. Join him on his acid-reflux examination of what America has come to be.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Warren Bobrow will be signing at this year's NAIBA conference.
He will also be appearing at the Tuesday Author Reception and will be concocting a drink especially for the occasion: The Busted Barrel.
The reception is on October 1, 2013, from 9:30pm – 11:00pm.

Apothecary Cocktails
By Warren Bobrow
9781592335848, $21.99
Quayside Publishing Group