Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to Cook and How to Cook It

What to Cook and How to Cook It (ISBN: 9780714859583) was prominently featured over the weekend on the first page of The Wall Street Journal (circ. 2 million) Food section. The "Bits and Bites" column ran on the bottom quarter of the front page of the section.

There will be a review of Renée French: H Day in The New York Times Book Review's Halloween issue on October 31st.  Renée French, an acclaimed graphic novelist and Inkpot Award winner at San Diego's Comic-Con International, has entranced legions of fans with her twisted, highly inventive pencil drawings, whose agile lines and delicate shading open up strange imaginary vistas. She's been called an inimitable and masterful stylist, a kind of Edward Gorey who draws out the whimsical side of body-horror, and indeed, the spirit of Gorey's grotesques breathes through French's creations. In H Day, her first graphic novel in four years, French explores, through metaphor and in pictures, her struggles with migraine headaches, marshaling troops of insects, beasts and humanoids to envision the processes that result in such hideous sensations. A sweeping, often tense narrative of invasion, repulsion and liberation, H Day can be read both as an oblique autobiography and as a suspenseful fantasy story. This volume makes clear the qualities that led Myla Goldberg, author of Bee Season, to call Renée French "that rare gift among artists--one whose work finds its way into the most guarded corners of our psyches and allows us to revel in all that is awkward, embarrassing or sticky about being alive."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wall Street Journal review for Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead

DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD (9780810988484) was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, October 9. From its opening line, the review is a rave: “The other night I started laughing so hard I had to leave the room.”