Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Boy Kings of Texas gets National Book Award Nomination

Finalists for the 2012 National Book Awards were named this morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe program by David Steinberger, chairman of the National Book Foundation's board of directors. Winners will be announced November 14 in New York City.

The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir, by Domingo Martinez, Lyons Press, 978-0-7627-7919-2, was nominated in the Non-Fiction category.  Congratulations!

A lyrical and authentic book that recounts the story of a border-town family in Brownsville, Texas in the 1980's, as each member of the family desperately tries to assimilate and escape life on the border to become "real" Americans, even at the expense of their shared family history. This is really un-mined territory in the memoir genre that gives in-depth insight into a previously unexplored corner of America.


Monday, September 10, 2012

This is Not My Hat!

Watch the book trailer for THIS IS NOT MY HAT, by Jon Klassen, 978-0-7636-5599-0:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard

Candlewick Press is publishing an astonishing book this September - October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard by Lesléa Newman.

On the night of October 6, 1998, a gay twenty-one-year-old college student named Matthew Shepard was lured from a Wyoming bar by two young men, savagely beaten, tied to a remote fence, and left to die. Gay Awareness Week was beginning at the University of Wyoming, and the keynote speaker was Lesléa Newman, discussing her book HEATHER HAS TWO MOMMIES. Shaken, the author addressed the large audience that gathered, but she remained haunted by Matthew’s murder. OCTOBER MOURNING, a novel in verse, is her deeply felt response to the events of that tragic day. Using her poetic imagination, the author creates fictitious monologues from various points of view, including the fence Matthew was tied to, the stars that watched over him, the deer that kept him company, and Matthew himself. More than a decade later, this stunning cycle of sixty-eight poems serves as an illumination for readers too young to remember, and as a powerful, enduring tribute to Matthew Shepard’s life.

Here’s the book trailer:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Nation of Wusses

Former Pennsylvania Governor and author of Nation of Wusses (Wiley 9781118279052, $25.95 )  Ed Rendell has been confirmed to be a guest on “Colbert” on Comedy Central on Friday, September 7!  Rendell will also be providing analyses at the Democratic National Convention in September and more media is expected. In A Nation of Wusses, Rendell revisits some of the toughest fights of his career. He recalls most vividly those moments when he saw someone stand his ground, even at the risk of incurring the wrath of supporters and losing the next election. Unfortunately, as he surveys the current political scene, what he sees is a herd of elected officials, both legislators and executives, who seem far more concerned with their own job security than with serving the people who elected them.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

THE SECRET OF THE FORTUNE WOOKIEE by Tom Angleberger makes its debut and the ORIGAMI YODA series surges onto the bestseller lists at #4!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love Looks Not With The Eyes

Get your copy of Martha Stewart Living this week - they're recommending this look through the lens of photographer Anne Deniau.

Love Looks Not with the Eyes: Thirteen Years with Alexander McQueen
ISBN: 978-1-4197-0448-2

Monday, August 6, 2012

In the Shadow of Greatness

Voices of Leadership, Sacrifice, and Service from America’s Longest War
The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2002
Naval Institute Press

This book's getting some nice praise:

From Tom Brokaw:
This is a must read for all Americans--an up close and personal account of duty and sacrifice by graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy in Iraq and Afghanistan. You´ll stand a little straighter when you mingle with these remarkable fellow citizens.

From Publishers Weekly:
These proud Annapolis graduates provide a glimpse of the achievements of and contributions made by today’s young service members, making a strong case that they are worthy of being called the next great generation.

Watch a video made by the authors:

Visit the publisher's website for the book:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alexander McQueen: Evolution

Alexander McQueen: Evolution
By Katherine Gleason
Quayside/Race Point
Pub date: October 15, 2012
9781937994006, $35.00, Hardback
216 pages, 185 color photos

Illustrated throughout with stunning photography and liberally sprinkled with quotations from McQueen and those who knew him best, Alexander McQueen: Evolution is the story of the designer's thirty-five runway shows and the genius behind them.

From Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims, his 1992 graduate collection, to Plato's Atlantis, the last show before his death in 2010, Lee Alexander McQueen was as celebrated for the exquisite tailoring, meticulous craftsmanship, and stunning originality of his designs as he was notorious for his theatrical-and often controversial-runway shows. McQueen found inspiration for his avant-garde collections everywhere: his Scottish ancestry, Alfred Hitchcock movies, Yoruba mythology, the destruction of the environment-even the fashion industry itself. Whatever his inspiration, however, McQueen's concept for his runway show came first and was crucial to the development of the collection. Every show had a narrative and was staged with his characteristic dramatic flair.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love Looks Not with the Eyes

Love Looks Not with the Eyes: Thirteen Years with Alexander McQueen
ISBN: 978-1-4197-0448-2

The New York Times will interview Anne Deniau about Love Looks Not With The Eyes in early August for a piece that will run in September.

Vogue has moved their coverage from the September issue to the October issue.  They still plan to run the interview and 3 images, one of which will be the cover of the book.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I Brake for Yard Sales
Lara Spencer
ISBN: 978-1-58479-922-1
Abrams books

Lara will be starring in a 6 part summer series based on the book, called "Lara Brakes for Yard Sales.”  It will air on Good Morning America as well as on Good Afternoon America.  The new show starts July 9. Much more publicity to follow!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Kissing Sailor

The Kissing Sailor: The Mystery behind the Photo That Ended World War II
By Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi
Naval Institute Press

On August 14, 1945, Alfred Eisenstaedt took a picture of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, minutes after they had learned of Japan’s surrender to the United States. LIFE magazine published that photograph two weeks later. From then onward everyone who saw the picture knew what it felt like when World War II ended. They wanted to know more. However, Eisenstaedt spoke neither to the nurse or the sailor, and recorded no notes of the occurrence. Mystery surrounded Time Square’s most cherished moment.

In the coming years, Eisenstaedt’s photo grew in fame and popularity. In 1979 Eisenstaedt thought he discovered the long lost nurse in his V-J Day photograph. He did not. But, for the next thirty years almost everyone assumed Edith Shain was the woman that the assertive World War II sailor kissed. In 1980 LIFE attempted to determine the sailor’s identity. The campaign confused matters more than they clarified them. Soon afterward LIFE stepped aside from the wave they helped put into motion. They decided the sailor would remain anonymous. The void presented an irresistible opportunity for former World War II sailors to explain their way into the famous image. Many aging warriors made persuasive arguments to support their claims.

While LIFE took a backseat to the growing controversy, experts weighed in to support one candidate over another. The authorities’ opinions differed. Their forwarded proof and testimony became entangled. Claimant kissing sailor’s declarations turned combative.  Some readers supported Carl Muscarello. Others thought Ken McNeel was the kissing sailor. Many believed Glenn McDuffie to be the kissing sailor. But most who read about the competing claims didn’t know what to think. Chaos ensued. The real kissing sailor aged. A national treasure’s story went untold.

Until now, no one knew the whole truth behind one of the world’s most celebrated pictures. The Kissing Sailor tells the story of a photograph, a place, a publication, pretenders, and proof. When overlaid, an ageless tale of survival, fate, and perseverance comes into clear focus. The view is most befitting of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s beloved imag.

First glimpse of All Told

In what may be the last photo taken of LeRoy Neiman, who died last Wednesday, the 91-year-old artist here holds the first printed copy of his memoir, All Told: My Art and Life Among Athletes, Playboys, Bunnies, and Provocateurs (Lyons Press), just after he opened the package from the printer. Agent Steve Ross commented: "He worked for over a decade on that manuscript before he hired me to help corral it, give that wild rapscallion's story structure and discipline. It is a wonderful book and the suitable literary legacy he'd hoped it would be--but it took a village to make it happen in time for him to see it."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents Series Wins Coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval

Lonely Planet is thrilled to announce that five books in their Not For Parents series have been awarded the PTPA Winner’s Seal of Approval. Lonely Planet’s Not For Parents series is the company’s first series of books for children. For almost 40 years, Lonely Planet has encouraged travelers to go out and explore their world. Now they are inspiring a whole new generation of adventurers with Not For Parents. Written with perfect pitch for young readers, the series is designed for curious for kids eager for a glimpse of the world without leaving home.

For almost 40 years, Lonely Planet has encouraged travelers to go out and explore their world. Now they are inspiring a whole new generation of adventurers with Not For Parents.

Not For Parents London, Not For Parents New York City, Not For Parents Paris, and Not For Parents Rome are highly graphic paperbacks that combine intriguing stories and spooky histories of each city with full-color photos, quirky drawings, and great cartoons. The Not For Parents Travel Book is an exciting journey through every country in the world. This oversized hardcover offers over 200 pages bursting with fascinating trivia and stats, including epic events, wild ‘n wacky critters, and hideous histories, all presented with original illustrations, colorful photos and custom graphics.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Monster Calls has TWO big wins!

A MONSTER CALLS has won both the Carnegie Medal and the Greenaway Medal in the UK – that is like a book winning BOTH the Newbery and the Caldecott. This is the first time in history that one book has won both medals. And Patrick Ness is the only the 2nd author in history to win the Carnegie two years in a row. Wonderful news!   

Candlewick Press

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nickleodeon Kids' Choice picks the Wimpy Kid!

Thanks for your votes - Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series beat out The Hunger Games and others to win the book category in the 2012 Nickleodeon Kids' Choice Awards!

Now we need your vote again, for the Children's Book Council's Children's Choice Book Awards.  Jeff Kinney's up for Author of the Year - vote here:

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

Chewbacca, the Wookiee, Will Follow Yoda and Darth Vader as the Next Star Wars Character to Be Folded in Tom Angleberger’s bestselling Origami Yoda Series!
Amulet Books, an imprint of ABRAMS, will release the book on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, with a 1.3-million copy first printing.  Previous books were The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, published in spring 2010, and its sequel, Darth Paper Strikes Back, published in summer 2011.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quayside on Eating Well in New England

Four great regional titles getting a push from Quayside this season:
Wicked Good Barbecue
Boston Homegrown Cookbook
Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook
Backroads of New England

Makes us sorta hungry.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

100 Months is a star!

100 Months, by John Hicklenton. Cutting Edge Press, $29.95, ISBN 978-0-9565445-2-0

This graphic novel from TSP publisher Cutting Edge Press just received a
review in the March 12, 2012 issue of Publishers Weekly (circ. 19,068). They call it "a haunting and powerful legacy" and "beautiful." Read the full review here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Minette's Feast is Magnifique!

Kirkus Reviews gives MINETTE'S FEAST a STARRED review in the April issue!
"A fine recipe for pleasure: Julia Child, the culinary arts, Paris and a lucky cat. Magnifique!"

Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat by Susanna Reich; illus. Amy Bates; $16.95;MAY 2012; 9781419701771



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome to Luxe City Guides

SCB Distributors has added Luxe City Guides.  As seen and praised in Vanity Fair and the New York Times, there are 42 of these pocket-sized guides available, covering much of Europe, Asia and North America. Visit their website for more information.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #7: Coming November 13th

Amulet Books, an imprint of ABRAMS, joins forces with seven publishers around the world to announce the first-ever global release for a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid title. The seventh book in Jeff Kinney’s blockbuster series, which has sold more than 75 million copies worldwide, will go on sale in the United States on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. The seventh book in Jeff Kinney’s blockbuster series, which has sold more than 75 million copies worldwide, will go on sale in the United States on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Korea, and Norway will release the book in their respective territories the day after.

Here's some teaser art which seems to hint that Valentine's Day will be involved:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Salad Days

The March/April issue of Food Loves Beer Magazine will have a recipe excerpt from Salad Days. 

Salad Days: Recipes for Delicious Organic Salads and Dressings for Every Season
ISBN: 9780760340431
Voyageur Press

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vote Wimpy for 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Jeff Kinney's DIARY OF A WIMPY KID series is once again nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award!

He has stiff competition this year--please vote now using the link below.

And vote often…every day...every week…all month, until the winners are announced on March 31!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goosebottom Books on NPR Today

An interview with Shirin Bridges, author of The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Real Princesses, and publisher of The Thinking Girls Treasury of Dastardly Dames, will air on Wednesday, March 14 on NPR's Tell Me More. The interview is part of a biography series for Women's History Month. Check out NPR's website to find air times.
Author and publisher Shirin Bridges will discuss:
+ Inspiration for The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Real Princesses/Dastardly Dames
+ Details about Cleopatra, Agrippina, Marie Antoinette
+ How powerful women have been historically viewed, as opposed to powerful men
+ What Goosebottom hopes to achieve/teach with this series